Forgive me for caring

May death find comfort in me

What I wouldn’t do to hold your shoulders one more time and bring you in

BASILISK by Josef Gelernter

I’ve got nothing to look forward to. I’m graduating in a month or so but what then? What the fuck will I do? Rot on my bed for the rest of my life, smoking, drinking and probably getting into all sorts of other drugs and just throw my life away? Cause honestly I wouldn’t mind. I want to go at 27 along with all those great musicians.


Flying fox by Marcin Nawrocki via 500px.

It ain’t easy being a circus freak..

I miss you so much

We like the outside
We like the escape
We like her creatures
We like the same


sad little ice people

I’m gonna need more than some meager fucking pot to cure myself.

You don’t know what I’d do for you to let me make you smile.