If you’re reading this, you’ll know who you are, my feelings haven’t changed since our division. I can’t help but check up on you sometimes and see how you’re doing. I like to read the things that only your hands could write. I’d seen one and could only have hoped that it’s adress was to me. I’ll admit I think of you every day. Every time I walk past you, in your chair, eyes front or head down in your arms, I feel what you feel. I only wish I could take you to do everything you’ve ever aspired to do. I’ve got to man up and make these things happen. If you’ve read this, just know you still lay in the back of my mind. And I’ve yet to find any reason to tell you off. I do sincerely hope those words were intended for me, as these for you. Our paths will cross and I’ll judge by the twinkle in your eye.

I can only hope that I’m the one she’s thinking about..


Rodney Matthewsselected by Alternative Art


Rodney Matthewsselected by Alternative Art


It’s alright ma, it’s life and life only

What would you do if wrapped my arms around you and held on for a minute or two?

You could never compare a bulb to the one and only sun

I swear I’ll give it my all

Forgive me for caring

May death find comfort in me

What I wouldn’t do to hold your shoulders one more time and bring you in

BASILISK by Josef Gelernter

I’ve got nothing to look forward to. I’m graduating in a month or so but what then? What the fuck will I do? Rot on my bed for the rest of my life, smoking, drinking and probably getting into all sorts of other drugs and just throw my life away? Cause honestly I wouldn’t mind. I want to go at 27 along with all those great musicians.